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Sunday, December 21, 2008

From just dreaming about old MrBungle times, I came to enjoy a lot of Dunn's material this year. He released one of my favorites CDs, Four Films (checkie). What a fine piece! Very varied yet totally coherent, it takes you through different emotional landscapes, from nostalgia in "isabelle" or "drive", to euphoria ("fire disco"), to suspense ("late night scene") and of course some noise also, among other states and styles. No need to see the films to enjoy the music, but of course now I am curious about them. I have more than 20 favorites songs among the 26 that compose this album. Most instruments executed by Trevor himself in more than half of the tunes, but a few collaborations like the beautiful harp of Shelley Burgon or the energetic percussion of crazy Wollesen. A very pleasant surprise, this album was not quite what I expected from Dunn. Nevertheless, I did like it from the very beginning and chose to play it more and more often in time.

Also I was lucky to see him several times in different line-ups. First time was presenting The Dreamers -one of the most beautiful and accessible of Zorn's creations (vids here)- and second was with Andrew D'Angelo Trio, a gratis small gig at the art museum's cafe, pretty incredible, huh? so it was the music, moments of jazz and some rock, and both usual and experimental approaches.
Then, the first week of December it was the ATP, and so I had the chance to see the second presentation of MadLove ever.

That was almost conventional hard rock, not catchy but rhythmic, with a little distortion. Trevor himself said he was trying to do smart-rock, like The Pretenders and described it as heavy but carefully constructed, melodic motion, rich harmonies and not too predictable. I put up two short videos ( 1 and 2) and someone has a better one here.
That very same night after MadLove, he joined Porn going crazy and distoring his bass (I wrote a little about that show here) and following days of the festival there was Fantômas! what can I say about Fantômas that has not yet been said? nothing, right! so, as these posts are suppose to be about ATP, I will link you here a funny wired video. Its from the second night at the festival, when he came on stage I thought he was acting and joking, but so he told a joke! and it seems he was the drunkest person on stage that I have seen in a long time. We could hear Buzzo: "wake up, motherfucker!" the concert went on with no more problems, so its a funny anecdote of a great, great night... and those were a few more words about the incredible festival and what a great musical year 2008 has been.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Bir you were so lucky to see Trevor and to get to see MadLove as well, I hope to get to see it, or at least here the album.
Thank you for posting this wonderful news.
Angela G

Sanne said...

four films is fucking amazing YES!
Madlove is coolio, fuckiidiidoo. Fantômas! YES! i will NEVER forget my first Fantômas second Fantômas and third Fantômas show heehee, how special was that!?!? i dont think many people can say and have experienced this amazing, AMAZING time.
Glad you were my partner in crime those 4 days missy :D