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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas...

BUTLINS: not the town of Edward Scissorhands, but the strangest characters can be seen

People from all over the world (Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Holland, etc etc) and of course everybody is very happy about being there!! At any moment you could find yourself in a nice chat with random people, from the audience or even artists... as we were all together "en la misma onda" :p
King Buzzo comes say hello to your crazy friend?! (fyi, thats Sanne, AKA: Shaunnne!) how fucking surreal can this be? that's just an example, Maybe Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) asks for fire and shares a cigarette with you at the door, you walk home and see all Taraf de Haidouks being taken in this train to their rooms (muy gracioso todos apiñados ahi con sus instrumentos, falta la Pantera Rosa y es como esos que salen de la puerta del zoologico). Late at night Dale Crover waits for his beers next to you at the bar or the guys from Zu are going crazy with the Sega Rally videogame, it's plain to see Battaglia beating the ass of Luca while your partner covers you in Time Crisis III. You sneak into Trevor Dunn's soundcheck for MadLove and it's OK, he might even come down from stage to say "hi" and chat a minute, in the evening you enjoy a nutritive Whopper and Patton passes by, hurrying up as he is soon due on stage. All in all, it' just fun to be around, what a cool festival. The biggest hit is when you are taking pictures and look out the camera only to realize that the one that smells so good is THE MAN HIMSELF, standing right next to you!


Aurora said...

ahahaha great post, Bir! It will surely make people jealous if someone who didn't was there go reads that :D

Sanne said...

GREAT MEMORIES! definitlely something to rememeber =)