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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


You know what day is today...?

yes... April 1st! ...and I have never been tricked like today!!!

I feel so good now... I had my adrenaline shock, and it was big one.
Here is the story:

I am in the kitchen at work, getting a cup of tea when a girl from administration hands me some mail I had received. As soon as I glanc the letter, I see my IP adress and realized it is about downloading stuff....

(The coleague I am chatting with had received some mails a few weeks ago from some company. They threatened about sueing her, she was downloading movies through the server of the university and it seemed that some specific file she was sharing caused her these problems etc etc... I have known about this, and we had talked about that issue long. In the end nothing happened to her, it was just a warning and she just stopped downloading stuff)

So, the thing is, I am standing there, and I see this letter in norwegian, very formal, and I see my IP address and I get nervous so I handed it to her... "Shit, girl, look at this... can you translate, plis?"

"Oh, it is a letter from the police departement" she says dry.

OMFG!!!!! I havent paid attention to the logo, but now I see... OH SHIT!
"Lets go to my office" I demand
We close the door and start studying the letter.
They explain about this company who is monitoring internet activity in several institutions and they say they noticed there was a lot of traffic in this IP which they know belongs to me. They give detail about the laws I am breaking and say I am being sued. These law infringements can cause me fines up to 10.000 dollars and up to three months of jail. I am in deep shit! I ran to administration to see the girl who had given me the letter (we are good friends) and tell her what happened, she looks at me so worried and tells me this story that have been on the news about this guy that went to jail. And! the letter was given to me opened, because it came addressed to the institute so in secretary they had to opened it to check who it was for... should i tell my boss? would i loose my job? how much will i have to pay? who do i tell this to my husband? am i going to jail??? I am not a fucking criminal!

well... they let me worry for like half an hour, bitches!!!

Now i can say it was fun, and maybe I will not be tricked again...


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Luciano Subirá said...

disculpá q recien te respondo ahora,..
Gracias! q bueno q te gusto mi cuaderno, ahora hay mas cosas , y seguiré actualizando...

A PEREFECT PLACE lo consegui si, y me parece MARAVILLOSO...

te dejo saludos cordiales!