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Thursday, March 6, 2008

World Premiere - Logen Teater - 26.02.08

Thanks to the logistic skills of my friend who was determined to get the best location, we ended up as the first row of people right below Mike. There was no fence, and the stage was moreless of the height of our chests, so arms and gadgets (handbags, beers, cameras, etc) comfortably resting on stage!

You have probably seen many videos already! It was FUN! It was GOOD! All people was very excited. It was plain to see how Mike and Stian were having such a good time. Mike was smiling most of the time, and in fact he was laughing a lot. At some points they were a little disorganized, but that was also cool somehow... it was a very relax, laid back concert. Stian is amazingly fast. Wooow!!! his fingers fly on the accordion, the banjo, the guitar, and he also sang. Patton did everything, sing, scream, shout, skatting, this blabbering or whatever is called, also this "chaka chaka", exciting deep breathing, his distortion noises with the mic to the speakers; he sang in English, but also Spanish and Italian. He did Everything!! (sorry my vocabulary is exceeded by Patton's musical abilities, LOL!).
At some point Mike and Stian were trying to see what to continue with, and not coming to agreement Mike asked the audience to vote between Italian or French, and Scalinatella was performed… sweeeet! There was also an amazing "duel" guitar vs. voice and voice vs. voice. It was good and had some very funny parts. As said, they were basically playing, I mean like kids with toys!! I think most people loved "Life on mars", I personally did, as much as the whole thing, I could not pick a favorite... Stian´s theme from the 2004 album was grrreat! But so it was "Deep river blues" and the tango "Vulevo al sur" and everything in between. "Super Mario Bros" made me hate myself for never seeing MrBungle live...
I really wish they will work on recording something together, good combinations of talents, they blended nicely. I don't think I had mentioned that Mike and Stain had not met before earlier that day… That I came to know from Stian himself when talking earlier at the theater's entrance. Impressive, huh?
What else can I say? It was fucking amazing, sorry I am not better at reviewing music.

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Sam - Patton Fan said...

I wish i was there with you :P
great story! but you already knew that ;)

we will get a "juicy" story when were in Amsterdam ;)