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Thursday, March 6, 2008


The groupie in me.... (About how I met THE MAN in Bergen)

Ufff…! I am at work, hours go so slow… I cannot focus and finally at 3:30PM I decide to get the fuck out of there. If there is any sound check today, must be around now... As soon as I put one foot inside the entrance hall of the theater I clearly identify his strong voice singing something I don't recognize… an indescribable rush through my whole body; blood is boiling and every fucking cell of my body is disturbingly at a loss, all my nerves give different signals, don't know what to do!! where do I hide? how the fuck do I do this? I go up the stairs, I had been here before so I know there is a door that connects to the "balcony" of the concert room...
I cannot believe what is happening, I am actually in the sound check!!!!! I am off of me, my heart will fucking explode, the pulse rate is that of a racing horse, I am shaking, I am sweating. I sit down and look at them. Mike to the right behind his table, Stian to the left.
I try to look but I cannot really see…
I try to listen but I cannot really hear…
Ok, clam down! For fuck's sake, try to get a clue of whats going on!! Accordion playing… tango?! Oh, I kind of recover my senses… Mike starts singing, strong voice! oh! in Spanish!! with the first hits of his voice, tears start rolling down my cheeks like a waterfall. The accordion goes beautiful with his voice, I laugh a little, I cannot believe it!!! I laugh a lot. I cry some more. They finish the song, they comment what to do, they laugh, they talk. I cannot understand all they are saying, just some words, maybe a whole phrase. It is disturbingly too fucking beautiful to hear Mike's voice without the mic. His hair is perfectly glued to his head. He is wearing a blue shirt.

I have been like half an hour when the men on stage finish rehearsing. They talk and wrap things up.
GOD how lucky am I????
Shiiiiiiitttt! I have just been to the sound check, more than half an hour!!

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