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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Buzz's Mackie paints The Melvins...

The illustrations of The Melvins are kick-ass!!

It is not that I have much education in art, nor that I feel I have the "authority" to critize it, but I DO LOVE(!) all of The Melvins' covers and posters.

Aren't they beautiful, crazy, fun and inviting?
Here I put together some of the The Melvins' album covers that were designed by Mackie Osborne (Buzz Osborne's wife).

She contributed many albums on packaging artwork, layout design and art direction for many other bands (Fantomas, Mr Bungle, The Vandals, Tool, Bad Religion, etc)

PS. Never judge an album by its cover... or?


Pogo Lynch said...

Mackie es tremenda, su trabajo en el 10000 Days y Lateralus de TooL son de lo mejor en package del nuevo milenio, pero creo que guateó un poco en Millennium Monsterwork xD, el arte interior es muy pobre, tal vez que hacían mientras con Buzz jajaja, cochinones =P
Suerte mañana!!!, saca fotosss

Matthew said...

Delicious! You put some of the music up too. I had many of my Melvins CD's 'borrowed', only to never return.
Ps- Thanks for visiting my spot!

Anonymous said...

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